INDO 670
INDO 670
INDO 670
INDO 670
INDO 670
INDO 670
INDO 670
INDO 670
INDO 670

INDO 670

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INDO 670 Trampoline Trick Scooter is a new best friend of 9-15 years old trampoline lover! Just get the patented scooter, start jumping on a trampoline and let the imagination contrive awesome tricks!

Practice your tricks and riding from home, in the garden, from the floor, trampoline, or off a ledge. You can truly improve your riding from home for the first time! A soft and safe patented deck that won't damage your trampoline and gives you the extra confidence to nail your dream tricks. 

The INDO trampoline scooter is ideal for improving your big tricks, tweaking your technique & nailing your skills. Allowing you to easily throw it around, to practice kickless after kickless. This is because the INDO scooter is a tiny 950 grams .....that's less than 1 kilogram! 

INDO stunt scooter takes your trampoline play to a new level, whether you scoot or not!

See INDO Trampoline Trick Scooter in Action:


  • color: black 
  • total weight: ~1.0 kg
  • bar height: 70 cm
  • bar width: 43 cm
  • pad length: 52.5 cm
  • foot area: 45 cm
  • pad width: 15 cm


  • 6061 T6 aluminum handlebars
  • handgrips
  • soft and flexible deck
  • installation instructions on the backside of the box
  • product + package total weight is 1100g
  • package dimensions:
    • length 67 cm
    • width  21 cm
    • height  6 cm 



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